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Joint Understanding of Diversity, Efficiency and Empowerment through Building Empathic Engagement

judeebee is a passion project which aims to ignite passion for the arts and intercultural communication. Established by Judee Bendiola, this serves as an online platform where people can collaborate with me within the field of my professional expertise and artistic experience.

What I can offer

Marketing and communications can be a challenge for individuals and companies. Thus, it is essential to have evidence-based solutions for every pain point.
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If you find the contents of this website interesting, then please feel free to send an email and let us open the communication line for collaboration.
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Whether it is advertising for a brand or time-for-print for arts enthusiast, let us explore photography and filming to widen our portfolio.
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Core Values

People of all races, nationality, age, gender and religion are all welcomed to share your ideas and collaborate. Having a voice and being listened to without any prejudice are highly valued here.

Getting the work done within the shortest possible time while upholding the utmost quality is ideal. Acknowledging challenges and expectations is also a must towards sustainable efficiency.

Falling short and the feeling of not being enough are embraced here rather than rejected. Different intercultural issues are addressed in order to assist everyone to be abled, skilled, and empowered.

Are you interested to collaborate?

Let's get in touch and talk! Looking forward to hearing from you!